Henry Ford

Henry ford was an industrial and developed the technique of assembly line for mass production. His father came from Ireland and worked as a carpenter and then a farmer. Henry was their second child and was into playing with engines at a very young age. He was very close to him mom and was a quite child. After his mom passed away he would spend hours under tree not talking to anyone. Henry’s love for engines was deep, he wanted to replicate the first engine he saw. He was fired from his first job, and had two other jobs before he started to work for Edison. He also took courses later in life to learn the basics of book keeping and business practices. He had a dream of designing and building his own vehicle.  Henry married Clara after writing her a letter and shared his dream of building a car. She was very supportive of his dream and helped him out throughout his journey. After building his first self-propelled vehicle he sold it to develop better design.  His story to success is one of a kind. We invite you to watch his video on Youtube at


Until next time Be Smart, Be Safe…

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